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Bug Bite Treatment in Greenville, SC

AFC Urgent Care Center’s physicians treat insect sting and bug bites in Greenville on Woodruff Rd.

Bug Bite Treatment in Greenville, SC

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer from insect bites due to exposure to mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs or ants. Regardless of the type of bug you’ve been bitten by, AFC Urgent Care Greenville on Woodruff Rd has you covered during your time of medical need. Bug bites vary in severity, with some being mildly irritating to others being life-threatening. If you are experiencing any serious symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, it is important to go to an emergency room as soon as possible. For all other painful minor insect bites, walk into our urgent care center today. Rather than waiting for hours at a hospital urgent care center, AFC Urgent Care Center in Greenville on Woodruff Road can offer you immediate medical service when you walk into our clinic- no appointments required! We are open 7 days a week during flexible hours.

One of the important reasons to get bug bites looked at by a medical expert is in case you have contracted an illness. For example, mosquitoes are known to transmit West Nile Virus and ticks can transmit Lyme Disease in some areas of the US. By coming into our urgent care clinic when an insect bite occurs, our medical professionals can help catch illnesses early on and help you get the appropriate treatment. Some common symptoms of allergic reactions to bug bites include swelling, redness, rashes, and itchiness. If swelling is severe, it is important to come to AFC Urgent Care Greenville as soon as possible.

Our doctors can provide medications and tips on how to treat and prevent bug bites, as well as tell you more about the risks of insect bites. We welcome any questions that you may have about bug bites, and our team looks forward to helping you and your family feel healthier soon! Our clinic is located at 1467 Woodruff Road in Greenville, SC.

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