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Strep Throat in Greenville, SC

AFC Urgent Care offers rapid strep throat testing and quick results, no appointment necessary.

Strep Throat Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Greenville, SC

In Greenville, SC there are many causes to a sore throat. Viruses, allergens, irritants in the air, and chronic postnasal drip can all cause a sore throat. Normally these causes will clear themselves up over time without having to see a medical professional. Strep Throat however, is a sore throat condition that does require medical attention or you risk weeks of feeling sick, passing it on to others and in rare cases some severe complications. AFC Urgent Care in Greenville, SC on Woodruff Road is here to diagnose and treat your Strep Throat.

What is Strep Throat and How Do You Get It?

Unlike the common flu virus, strep throat is a bacterial infection that affects the throat and tonsils. It is caused by streptococcal bacteria and can be quite contagious. It passes person to person via tiny droplets when people breathe on each other. It can also be left on surfaces if someone frequently touches their mouth with their hand. If you are exposed to strep, it generally takes 2 to 5 days before you begin to show the symptoms. Strep Throat is more common in children and teenagers than adults, but this infection can affect all ages.

Do I Have Strep Throat or Just A Cold?

Unfortunately Strep Throat cannot be positively diagnosed by opening your mouth and saying “Ah.” A Strep Throat test is needed to determine this condition. At AFC Urgent Care in Greenville, SC we offer rapid strep throat testing with results in as little as 10-15 minutes. Just walk into our medical clinic on Woodruff Rd to be tested. No appointment is necessary. However, you shouldn’t go to a doctor each time your throat feels sore. Note the difference in the symptoms:

Probably Not Strep Throat

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • General cold symptoms

Possibly Strep Throat

  • Sudden sore throat
  • Painful swallowing
  • Temperature of over 101°F (38.3° C)
  • White or yellow spots on the back of a bright read throat.

Couldn’t I just wait this out? Do I need antibiotics?

Strep Throat usually goes away on it’s own; however you are contagious for 2 to 3 weeks even after you stop showing symptoms. You could infect your family, coworkers, and other random strangers if you do not take antibiotics. Generally speaking, you stop being contagious within 24 hours of taking antibiotics. In addition, you will recover faster, your symptoms will be reduced, and you’ll kick Strep to the side of the road much faster. Our AFC Urgent Care Center Physicians in Greenville on Woodruff Rd can write you a prescription for antibiotics if your Strep Throat test is positive.

What do I do if I think I have Strep Throat?

First thing is first, come to AFC Urgent Care Center in Greenville on Woodruff Rd! A test is needed to determine if you have Strep Throat. Fortunately, we have a state of the art lab that provides rapid Strep tests onsite at our walk-in urgent care facility. There is no need for you to go home and wait for the results. Our rapid Strep Throat test is usually ready in 10 to 15 minutes. Once our highly experienced Board Certified Doctors read the test to diagnose you, we can move forward with the most effective treatment. If you test positive for Strep Throat, our Physicians will prescribe you the medication you need for your treatment. We can send this prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. We are very mindful about the over prescriptions of antibiotics, so we will only give them to you if you test positive for Strep Throat. If you test negative, our experienced doctors will figure out the best treatment to alleviate the symptoms you are currently suffering from.

Have questions? Call us and our friendly medical staff will assist you with any questions you might have about our Strep Throat testing. Don’t wait another day if you have the symptoms of Strep Throat and visit AFC Urgent Care in Greenville on Woodruff Road.

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