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Walk-In Tdap Vaccine Clinic in Greenville, SC on Woodruff Road

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Walk-In Tdap Vaccine Clinic in Greenville, SC on Woodruff Road

The Tdap vaccine treats a variety of very serious diseases, all which can be contracted in the US. While some of the diseases are more common than others, they are all important to learn about and get vaccinated for. At AFC Urgent Care Woodruff Road, our physicians offer a variety of vaccines, including Tdap. We are open flexible hours and offer walk-in appointments at our urgent care clinic!

Here is a bit more information about the 3 diseases that the Tdap vaccine works to prevent:

1. Tetanus
Otherwise known as lockjaw, tetanus is relatively rare in the US. This infection is highly painful, and leads to severe muscle tightening which can cause paralysis of the throat and limbs.

2. Diptheria
Diptheria is also rarely diagnosed in the US, but can cause serious symptoms. A rough coating forms in the back of the throat with this infection, which leads to breathing problems and eventually, death.

3. Pertussis
Pertussis, or whooping cough, is one of the more common infections found in the US. Symptoms include severe coughing, which leads to a hard time breathing. Whooping cough is extremely contagious as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tdap vaccine and the diseases it can prevent, please walk into our urgent care clinic today. We offer Tdap vaccines, among many others to help you and your loved ones maintain good health. We hope to help you soon at AFC Urgent Care Woodruff Road.

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